Create ways to increase trust between law enforcement and populations with a history of trauma with law enforcement (immigrant/migrant/undocumented/ LGBTQ, etc.)?


The Inquiry

Both Law Enforcement and LatinX families share an interest in making authentic, personal connection to one another in order to increase trust between the two networks in an atmosphere of deportation and discrimination.


The Experiment

The design team hosted a gathering called “Community, Family & Social Connection, Community Interviews” for 6 low-income, LatinX teens (10 of their family members) and 6 law enforcement officers to interview one another 1:1 and share back to the larger group (including families) what they learned about each other.


The Outcomes

Law enforcement officials, teens, and family members found the gathering valuable and felt more connected. This team hopes to replicate this experience with other law enforcement groups and other community members.