Anne Sutkowi-Hemstreet

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Community Programs Manager
First 5 Napa County

Anne Sutkowi-Hemstreet is the Community Programs Manager for First 5 Napa County and the Founder and Principal of Weathervane Consulting. She and her wife have two kids and made Napa home in 2014.

As First 5 Napa Community Programs Manager, Anne manages community initiatives that develop through human centered design and systems work by the First 5 Napa Network (F5NN). Anne was instrumental in the successful efforts to fly Rainbow Flags at all 5 major city halls in Napa County and at both County Office campuses in June 2019. She continues to lead efforts with the Rainbow Action Network – a resulting initiative of the F5NN – to build support, safety, and connection for LGBTQ families in Napa County, including the development of Rainbow Kits to make preschools more LGBTQ and gender inclusive.

Anne obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and then worked for several years before obtaining her Master of Public Health degree at University of California, Los Angeles. Anne is an Albert Schweitzer Fellow. During her Fellowship, Anne and a colleague developed, implemented, and evaluated a positive youth development and suicide prevention program – STRIDES – for continuation high school students.

Anne’s background in the field of psychology gives her a strong sense of how mental illness and substance use affects individuals and families. However, her public health lens keeps her focused on systemic and community change and social and health equity. She is passionate about health and wellness and views both with a holistic lens that includes mental, emotional, physical, social, and environmental health.