Jennifer Yasumoto

Director of the Napa County Health and Human Services

Jennifer Yasumoto has over 25 years working in government, and approximately 20 years of experience in Napa County. She is the Director of the Napa County Health and Human Services Agency and leads the County’s largest department. The Agency is an integrated super-agency that includes Public Health, Behavioral Health, Self-Sufficiency Services, Child Welfare Services, and Comprehensive Services for Older Adults. The Agency has approximately 500 employees that includes an Executive Leadership Team who work together to fulfill the Agency’s mission to serve our community and support its health and well-being. Through her work as the Director, she has helped to strengthen the safety-net systems that support children and families and those most vulnerable in our community, and in doing so reinforces commitment, collaboration, and compassion as foundational values. In addition to serving on the First 5 Commission, she serves as a Commissioner on the Partnership Health Plan of California Board, and she is a member of the Child Abuse Prevention Council. Her prior experience includes representing Child Welfare Services as legal counsel, and she also served in various management roles at Health and Human Services Agency, including in Mental Health, Administration, Privacy, Quality Management and Compliance. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from U.C. Davis and a Juris Doctorate from University of San Francisco.

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