First 5 Napa County invites applications for: Executive Director

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Who we Are

Our Vision: Napa County is a strong and healthy community because families can set down roots, grow, and thrive.
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Our Commission

Our Mission: First 5 Napa County convenes and mobilizes the community to use systems- and design-thinking to center and lift up our community’s young children, their families, and the providers who serve them.

Rainbow Kits​

Rainbow Kits/Cajas Arcoiris provide early childhood education settings with tools and support to create learning spaces that are welcoming to all children, families, and providers.

Rainbow Family League​

First 5 Napa County is committed to strengthening our community, parents, and caregivers with a lens of equity, respect, and social inclusion so that ALL our children are happy, healthy, and grow up with a sense of belonging. Rainbow Family League (RFL) is a bilingual parent/caregiver education program that supports families in talking about: self and family identity, recognizing similarities and differences, understanding fairness, and understanding advocacy and allyship.


Florecer is a youth mentorship program aimed at diversifying and sustaining our early childhood workforce by pairing junior and senior high school students with ECCE professionals representing a variety of roles in this important field. 

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Michele Grupe, CFRE

First 5 Napa County welcomes New interim Executive Director, Michele Grupe.