Napa Strong Enough Campaign

To order a yard sign, complete THIS FORM.

You can also print out a sign for your window HERE.

We are partnering with Live Healthy Napa County and LGBTQ Connection to develop trainings, resources, and visible forms of allyship for organizations in our county’s education, healthcare, businesses, restaurants, and winery sectors to support our community in becoming #NapaStrongEnough!

If you choose to display a sign, we urge you to commit to standing up against racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, ableism, transphobia and other hate in the following ways:



  • “I’m not comfortable with that”
  • “I didn’t realize you think that”
  • “That’s not okay with me”
  • “What do you mean when you say___?
  • “We don’t say things like that here”
  • “I don’t find that funny”
  • “Help me understand your thinking”
  • “What you just said is harmful”



  1. Read Anti-Racist Books
  2. Read Fiction Books by LGBTQ and BIPOC Authors
  1. Read Children’s Books by and about LGBTQ and BIPOC people. See our recommendations here.
  1. Watch Diverse Movies
  1. Seek trainings and info on equity and inclusion through local organizations and online.



  1. Support Minority Owned Businesses
  1. Acknowledging Black History, Hispanic/Latinx Heritage, AAPI Heritage, Indigenous/Native people’s history, Women’s history and Pride year-round.  Attend events organized by BIPOC and Queer people.
  2. Get involved with and/or donate to racial and social justice organizations.


Get Involved Locally:

Suscol InterTribal Council 

Healing Walk Napa Valley

Rainbow Action Network 

LGBTQ Connection

Puertas Abiertas Community Resource Center

UpValley Family Centers

The People’s Collective for Change 



Napa Strong Enough