Rainbow Family League is a program that aims to help families have conversations about race, racism, gender, LGBTQ inclusion, diversity and standing up against unfairness.

At First 5 Napa County and Rainbow Action Network, we aim to build a Rainbow Family League of actively anti-racist and inclusive families. We are creating and coordinating the league of support for families: equipment, coaching, practice opportunities, teammates, cheerleaders, and invitationals.

Rainbow Family League (RFL) is comprised of 3 main components or levels of participation.

Level 1: Rainbow Little Libraries

With Rainbow Little Libraries, we are bringing the equipment to you to practice your anti-racist and inclusive parenting skills. We have 20+ participating Little Free Libraries stocked with diverse and inclusive children’s books. Each book has tips for discussion in English and Spanish and many have bookmarks with suggested discussion questions. Our tips for reading diverse children’s books are also found here

Seasons of Wonder RLL
Rainbow Little Library Book List
Rainbow Little Library Locations
Rainbow Little Library Locations

Level 2: Rainbow Little Libraries Plus Coaching/Practice


Rainbow Action Network will continue providing opportunities for learning and practice through Rainbow Story Times, educational workshops, activities on our website, and opportunities for family activism.

Person ready book to kid

Level 3: Rainbow Family League

Rainbow Family League is set to begin in September 2021. It is a 6 month long season (with 7 total team practices and equipment provided for at-home practice) for 30 parents/caregivers. Families will receive equipment, coaching, practice, and teammates (fellow parents/caregivers) to be confident and courageous when talking about race, racism, and LGBTQ inclusion with their children. Ultimately, we aim for these families to become actively anti-racist and inclusive families who make our entire community more inclusive. Our 2021-2022 Rainbow Family League season is underway. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on the current season and stay tuned for information about future League opportunities!

Rainbow Family League