Sarahi Suarez
Sarahi Suarez joined First 5 Napa County as the operations and administrative coordinator. She’s been with the team since 2021 and is now in charge of logistics strategy implementation. She
Lilea Heine
Lilea Heine is the Community Programs Coordinator for First 5 Napa County. Prior to joining the First 5 Napa County team, Lilea worked as a Child Development Teacher and Site
Emily Darlington
Emily Darlington is the Quality Counts Program Manager for First 5 Napa County. During her time at First 5, Emily has administered projects such as CARES Plus and Quality Counts
Joelle Gallagher
Joelle Gallagher has had a 25-year career spanning diverse leadership roles in nonprofit agencies, serving and advocating for children, families, vulnerable populations and the environment. She is passionate about leading