Family Strengthening

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Rainbow Family League

Rainbow Family League is a program that aims to help families have conversations about race, racism, gender, LGBTQ inclusion, diversity and standing up against unfairness.

The 2023-24 RFL Season is accomplished in partnership with Dr. Lori A Watson of Race Work and Napa Valley Unified School District.

Program Story

First 5 Napa County is committed to strengthening our community, parents, and caregivers with a lens of equity, respect, and social inclusion so that ALL our children are happy, healthy, and grow up with a sense of belonging.

Rainbow Family League (RFL) is a bilingual parent/caregiver education program that supports families in talking about:

  • Self and family identity
  • Recognizing similarities and differences
  • Understanding fairness
  • Understanding advocacy and allyship

Our facilitators support each “team” of families for a 6 month season through providing: 

  • Equipment (including diverse children’s books with discussion prompts and family activities)
  • Coaching and practice opportunities
  • Community building (teammates will have the opportunity to gather virtually and in person to work on a variety of projects around our league’s themes)

Program Scope

Rainbow Family League teams embark on a 6 month long “season” that includes up to 4 virtual “team practice sessions” and 2 in person practice sessions.

Participating families receive monthly “equipment bags” delivered to their home to practice the skills our team is learning with their families. Each equipment bag includes 2 diverse children’s books, a packet of family activities, and craft materials/supplies to complete the activities.

The practice session presentations and discussions paired with the children’s books and family activities aim to support parents/caregivers in becoming more confident and courageous when talking about race, racism, LGBTQ inclusion, and advocacy with their children.

Ultimately, we aim for these families to become actively anti-racist and join First 5 Napa County in creating a more inclusive community for all.

During the 2023-24 school year, First 5 Napa County is partnering with Napa Valley Unified School district to bring RFL to the district’s TK families!


During the 2022-23 school year, Rainbow Family League had 21 participating families from the City of Napa, Angwin, and American Canyon. First 5 Napa County distributed 294 diverse and inclusive children’s books to the families through the monthly “equipment bags.”

Because of their participation in Rainbow Family League 2022-23 participants reported:

  • 90% Feel a sense of belonging in their community
  • 80% Feel more civically engaged

Grown Up Impact

 ALL Grown Ups saw growth in confidence in:

  • Talking about diverse families with their child
  • Talking about race/racism with their child
  • Talking about race/racism with other adults
  • Speaking up against unfairness and discrimination

ALL Grown Ups felt they have fewer biases around race after RFL

  • 90% of Grown Ups reported a growth in their own knowledge around race/racism and understanding of LGBTQ and gender diverse children & adults.

Child Impact

88% of Families report after participating in RFL their child is:

  • More empathetic
  • Using accurate language to describe human differences
  • Recognizing unfairness and has language to describe it
  • Able to stand up for others in the face of discrimination

What Families Are Saying...

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