“Empathy is the superpower of systems change”

Creating Solutions for a Stronger Community

First 5 Napa Network members come together to form collaborative design teams, each focused on co-creating solutions to local challenges that impact children ages 0-5 and families. But these solutions don’t come easy. In order to solve them, the leaders of the F5NN follow a series of steps to create dynamic end results.

Our Design Process

Our Design Teams Generate Results

The Design Teams have unpacked the possibilities of countless community solutions. Here’s a few samples of our proposals and solutions they have discovered:


Create ways to increase trust between law enforcement and populations with a history of trauma with law enforcement (immigrant/migrant/undocumented/ LGBTQ, etc.)?

The Team:

Pablo Zatarain, Executive Director at Fair Housing Napa Valley

Graciela Rodriguez Garcia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Napa County Child and Family Behavioral Health

Jennifer Palmer, Project Manager at Napa County Health and Human Services

Allison Haley, Napa County District Attorney


Create ways for parents and caregivers of young children to better access, engage in and benefit from services that are currently available to them?

The Team:

Elba Gonzalez Mares, Executive Director at Community Health Initiative

Jeni Olsen, Executive Director at Teens Connect

Joelle Gallagher, Executive Director at First 5 Napa County


Create ways to see, face and address inequity in Napa County?

The Team:

Julia Allen, Graphic Designer at Folia Design

Sebastian Dickman, Human Resources Director at Domaine Chandon & Newton Vineyard

Erika Lubensky, Executive Director at Community Resources for Children

Michele Grupe, Executive Director at Cope Family Center